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Your vehicle is one of the greatest assets and so, you must entrust it only to people with the right qualifications. We are one of the best expert auto locksmith company in New York. We have technicians who
are qualified and have a lot of experience in providing a wide range of expert auto locksmith services. We can help you if you have lost your car keys, car ignition keys, transponder keys, glove box locks, auto key programming, broken key in the locked car and any other automotive locksmith service. We make use of high-quality hardware and with the right tools that we have, we can ensure that regardless of the complexity of the auto locksmith problem, we have the right solution.

Lost your car key? Need a duplicate? Most cars on the road today have a transponder chip, key fob, or remote. We can make your keys for a very reasonable price. We can make all domestic and import vehicles. Only a few cars on the road like the 2017 Mercedes vehicles are still dealer only. Most of the higher end vehicles we can already duplicate and generate.

We have technologies to make keys for BMW AUDI VW BENTLY RANGER ROVER FERRARI AND EVEN ROLLS ROYCE. without saying cars like Lexus Toyota, Nissan or Infinity, all GM, and Ford vehicles, Mazda and Subaru, Honda And much more.
We also can make motorcycle keys we specialize in Ducati keys regular and laser cut and off-course the transponder. We can also make Harley Davidson, Buell, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki. And we can make BRP and Polaris keys as well. Like the sling shot key. If your key is broken we can re-shell it. We order keys from verified sources so they work correctly and last. Don't waste time and money buying keys online by sellers that tell you to go to a locksmith to cut them. Most of those use sub standard materials that can break blades on the machine or are not milled to correct specifications. And if they are chip or fob, they can cause damage to your car. Don't use a locksmith who is wiling to cut or program those keys as they are probably using knock off machines that can cause a lot of damage to your car.

Being the only automotive locksmith in downtown with a storefront and an alley to bring your car to us, we can save you a lot of money on duplication of keys we provide a very reasonable price if you bring your car to us. We can also come to you if your keys are completely lost, towing your car to the dealer can be very pricey and time-consuming. In most cases, we have the keys in stock and can get you on the road right away with our mobile techs.

We are the ultimate dealer alternative. In many cases, we can make a key half or even less the. What the dealer charges. Don't forget to call another auto locksmith in an emergency they can charge you an arm and a leg we won't do that. We have fair and accurate pricing emergency or just a duplicate we can cut and program most cars on the market even the newest ones. We have state of the art cloning and inboard programming equipment along with key by code and laser key cutting equipment.
We can clone many keys right in the store, some require the car wile others don't. We have a full line of car remotes and can program. You can email us with your year make model and how many keys you currently have. Email here or call this in an emergency situation.